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Thanks for dropping down to my blog. I hope you found my posts useful, please feel free to contact me on my twitter @sunilkumars6 or email me at pentestvizard@pm.me.

I am a Information security enthusiast, currently preparing to re-attempt my OSCP Exam in March 2020. I also occasionally solve CTF’s on HTB and try to keep up with few others. OSCP preparation has taught me a lot of things besides the Mantra #tryHarder is #NeverGiveUp.

Apart from that I am very curious about exploit development and binary exploitation.

And finally if you are looking for “How to hack Facebook” kinda of hacking articles, Sorry!! this is not the right place, its firstly not ethical and secondly I am not that kinda hacker you see in movies ! I am just a Penetration Tester.